Power of Great Web Design
There's a saying in the marketing world: "content is king." Well it's true that content is crucial because it is what attracts high search engine rankings and customers to your web site, that content doesn't mean much unless you have the great Tulsa web design to back it up. The truth is, customers today have a wealth of choices online. Pressed for time, they have literally billions of web sites to browse. Why should they stay at yours? Great content is part of the equation, but so is great web design. Put another way: great content can help you with search engine rankings and can get visitors to your site, but great web design can help you turn those visitors into customers.

Without web design, your web site is unlikely to make a great impression and is unlikely to get bookmarked or returned to. Worse, if your web design is so poor that it actually makes browsing your web site difficult, customers are likely to click away -- sometimes only within a few seconds -- and head over to come competitor's web site. You only have a few seconds to make a great impression online, and web design helps you make that impression lasting and positive.